Angle Classification of Positioning Drill

May 10,2022

The positioning drill is also called a fixed-point drill. The cutting edges are designed for the front and rear edges, which can reduce the deflection caused by high-speed feeding, to achieve high positioning accuracy.


3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Twist Drill

April 19,2022

Carbide twist drill is a solid carbide tool used for hole machining after the carbide bar is ground and formed by a professional grinder, and the drill tip and cutting edge are TIALN coated. It is suitable for steel, stainless steel and cast iron.


What Are The Types Of CNC Cutter?

April 07,2022

These are three common used CNC tools. If you want cutters, welcome to contact Sichuan Mingtaishun Carbide Co., Ltd.


Do you Know the 4 Sentence Formulas for Fried Dough Twist Drill?

March 22,2022

The standard high-speed steel twist drill consists of three parts: the working part, the neck, and the handle. The working part is divided into the cutting part and the guiding part. Two front blade surfaces, two rear blade surfaces, two auxiliary rear blade surfaces, two main blades, two auxiliary blades, and one transverse blade. The handle is a clamping part, with a straight handle and a conical handle (flat tail). The neck is used for the retraction of the grinding wheel when grinding the handle.


How To Choose Milling Cutter?

March 10,2022

In the field of machining, CNC milling machine is a kind of application scene and frequency is very much precision equipment. The reasonable choice of CNC milling cutter has a profound influence on the machining efficiency and precision of CNC milling machine. So, what are the criteria for choosing CNC milling cutter?


Different Applications of Groove Cutters

February 22,2022

In short, although the shape of the groove cutter is different according to different fields of use, the specific work is cutting work, and the cutting accuracy needs to be determined according to different types.


Carbide milling cutter’s maintenance

January 08,2022

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