Applications of Alloy Inserts

August 18,2022

Alloy Iinserts are the main blades with excellent performance and a wide range of applications. However, due to the abundance of material resources, various blades have emerged. Alloy tools are one of them.


Blades and alloy inserts are powder metallurgy. They are characterized by high hardness, high wear resistance and good thermal stability.


Alloy Inserts


Uses of alloy inserts


Alloy tool blades are used for cutting heat resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel, etc. Alloy inserts are mainly used for cutting gray cast iron, wear resistant cast iron and various high hardness materials.


Although the hardness of alloy inserts is higher than that of carbide inserts, they are more brittle due to this reason. However, the strength and toughness are poor, and they are not suitable for discontinuous surface machining under impact loads.


In addition, when machining soft ferrous elements with alloy tools, long chips tend to be produced. This can scratch the front side of the insert and form a pile edge. And this can also cause fluctuations in cutting forces that can damage the insert.


The difference between alloy tool inserts and alloy inserts


This two has their own advantages and disadvantages. According to the specific processing requirements, choose the right insert to improve the processing quality and efficiency.


It has high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness as well as heat resistance. A series of excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance. It remains largely unchanged even at 500°C, while still having high hardness at 1000°C.


Alloy tools are widely used as tool materials, such as turning tools, milling tools, planing tools, drilling bits, boring tools, etc. It is used to cut cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fibers, graphite, glass, stone and ordinary steel. It can also be used to cut difficult materials, such as hot steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel, etc.




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