Can a carbide tip drill bit drill wood?

April 15,2021

The application of twist drills has always been one of the most extensive drilling tools in drilling processing tools. Standard twist drills are mainly divided into two materials: cemented carbide and high-speed steel. The main component of cemented carbide is tungsten carbide, which is also called Tungsten carbide drill bits are actually so-called cemented carbide drill bits.



Standard carbide twist drills, metal twist drills can be used to process wood, but you must choose the right twist drill. Although metal carbide twist drills can be processed wood, relatively speaking, twist drills can be used for wood processing. The cost of drilling is higher than using special tools for drilling wood.


Cemented carbide twist drills are a relatively wide range of materials, and there are many kinds of cemented carbide materials used in the raw materials of twist drills. From ordinary alloys to high-quality alloys and high-quality alloys, different quality effects are also available. It is not the same. Carbide twist drills are more often used in machining centers, CNC lathes, automatic turning and other equipment. The premise of using alloy twist drills is that the equipment must be stable first, and the corresponding deep hole type must be selected when processing deep holes. Carbide twist drill.


Carbide twist drill for wood.jpg

Twist drills are the most widely used drill bit in drilling tools. There are countless types of twist drills. There are many differences in twist drills, such as different materials, different production equipment, different oxidation, different heat treatment, and different processing techniques. , Sichuan Kehaou focuses on manufacturing hole processing twist drill research and development, production customization. Can design and produce cemented carbide drill bits suitable for drilling wood.