Something about carbide end mill regrinding

April 27,2021








1. 尺寸




粗粒珍珠白/细齿:粗粒刀具机床 刀具韧性,切屑空间,磨削更规律,但稳定性较差,更适合粗加工。锯齿状惩罚处理。


3. 线圈角度




  • 足够的力量;
  • 足够的芯片空间;
  • 足够的重磨量。






primarily utilized for processing cast iron, non-ferrous metals as well as non-metallic materials. Fine grain glued carbides (like YG3X, YG6X) in the cobalt web content than the grain size with higher firmness and also put on protection, administer additional Processing of some special hard actors iron, austenitic stainless-steel, heat-resistant metals, titanium, tough bronze and wear-resistant protection components.


YT composite

Outstanding perks of higher firmness, excellent heat resistance, high temperature hardness as well as compressive strength than YG high anti-oxidation function is actually good.Therefore, when inquired the blade has a higher warm resistance and wear resistance, TiC content must be actually picked higher grades. YT composite ideal for processing plastic components such as steel, however not suitable for refining titanium alloy, silicon aluminum composite.


YW composite

Both YG, YT metal feature, induction function is excellent, it may be refined steel, however likewise could be utilized for processing cast iron as well as non-ferrous metals including adding cobalt material, the intensity may be incredibly higher, could be made use of for a wide array of Rough machining and alternate cutting of complicated machining information.




Carbide resources in the creation method to avoid splits in the initial four areas:


1. The blade row on its own possesses concerns. The fullness of the blade row below the cutter may not be less than 1.5 opportunities the blade fullness (optimally more than 2 times).


2. The blade to become cooked in the welding (it can certainly not be over-heated), copper water ought to be fully flowed to the welding surface (that is actually, may not have Weld).


3. The cooling after assembly to become slow-moving, the best yellowish sand to deal with the soldered row after 12 hours and then utilize.


4. Sharpening method not water-cooled (you can easily use air-cooled), perform certainly not grind the blade also warm.


65HRC carbide 4flutes endmill



Diameter: 1mm~20mm

Overall Length: 50mm~200mm

Material: Carbide

Type: Corner Radius End Mill

Coating: AlTiSIN


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