Types of Grooving Cutters

February 01,2023

There are many types of grooving cutters, and today, we will introduce them to you. Let’s get started.




Types of Grooving Cutters


Groove cutters


A grooving cutter is designed to leave a groove of the appropriate size in the workpiece. It is a milling cutter with a specific profile. It can cut stainless steel as well as iron, copper, aluminum, non-metallic tubes, and plates at high rotational speeds.


End mills


It is used for machining grooves, step surfaces, etc. Its teeth are on the circumferential and end faces and generally cannot be fed in the axial direction when working. However, when the end mill has end teeth that pass through the center, it can be fed axially.


The cutting edges are double-, triple- and quadruple-edged and are used in a large number of applications such as plunge milling and high-precision groove machining.


Three-flute milling cutters


It is used for machining various grooves and step surfaces with teeth on both sides and the circumference of the cutter. They are used for cutting right-angled corners or grooves and can be divided into a staggered shape with interlocking cutting edges and a parallel shape with parallel cutting edges. The parallel-toothed triple-edge cutter is the most commonly used. Staggered three-edge milling cutters are used for grooving steel.


A large number of indexable tools are often used in series production, including half and full triple-edged milling cutters. Full triple-edged milling cutters are mostly used for grooving.


Saw blade milling cutters


It is used for machining deep grooves and cutting off workpieces with a larger number of teeth on their circumference. To reduce friction during milling, the cutter teeth have a sub-deflection angle of 15′ to 1° on both sides.


Features: The teeth can be resharpened several times using a gear-grinding machine. The sharpened saw blade cutter has the same life span as a new saw blade cutter.


T-slot milling cutter


T-slot milling cutters can be divided into tapered shank T-slot milling cutters and straight shank T-slot milling cutters. It can be used for machining T-slots on various machine tables or other structures.


It is a special tool for machining T-slots and can be used to mill T-slots with the required accuracy in one pass. The milling cutter has a suitable cutting angle at the end edge and the teeth are designed with beveled and staggered teeth for smooth cutting and low cutting forces.